SpinSys Joins OSEHRA as its Newest Member

SpinSys, a leading provider of enterprise-wide legal solutions to Fortune 500 companies and federal Government agencies, has become the newest Corporate Member of OSEHRA (Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent), a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating innovation in electronic health record software.

OSEHRA’s mission is to facilitate, through the use of the best practices in open source softwaredevelopment, the improvement and maintenance of EHR information systems.  OSEHRA simply and powerfully establishes anorganized framework for users, developers, service providers, researchers, universities and for-profit companies to communicate, collaborate, and share.   “SpinSys is excited to be a part of OSEHRA’s Membership program.  We look forward to finding new and innovative ways to support the electronic healthcare community, and forging stronger collaborative relationships with OSEHRA and its members,” says Wael Ali, President and CEO of SpinSys. SpinSys provides an array of innovative products, technical services and solutions for Government clients.  For example, SpinSys has been instrumental in developing multi-functional healthcare informatics tools, inthe Military Health System (MHS).  These include large scale data collection, warehousing, aggregation and transmission systems using the Multi-platform Data Aggregation and Collection Application (MDACA).

“As a leader in developing new approaches to advance our objectives in accelerating innovation in open source health information technology, we welcome SpinSys as our newest Corporate Member,” states Dr. Seong Ki Mun, OSEHRA Chief Executive Officer and President.

The OSEHRA Membership program allows members to be part of a community dedicated to thefuture of electronic health record innovation and other open source healthinformatics initiatives.