SpinSys-Diné develops systems integration solutions for cloud based services, specializing in enterprise sustainment and modernization. We help you create business intelligence from big data problems, harden your systems to create an enhanced security posture, modernize complex legacy applications and augment your enterprise IT department.


We are in the business of creating time so our customers can follow their passion. We do this by being the premier small business systems integrator for cloud-based services specializing in sustainment and modernization for the enterprise. By taking the complexity out of building and migrating applications into a private or public cloud, our always available solutions create time for our customers so that they can make this world a better place:

  • Doctors use our Referral Management System and Electronic Health Record solutions to provide near real-time tracking of patient data – This improves the quality of health care and saves lives

  • Lawyers use our case management experience to track the lifecycle of a litigation – This improves communication, improves efficiency and decreases the response time for them and their customers.

  • Executive management at federal agencies have used our services to sustain and modernize their correspondence management solutions to remain compliant with regulations from Congress by answering all public inquiries – This makes the government accountable to voters.

  • Child Care center staff using our products to reduce the burden of paperwork – This allows teachers to give attention and love to their children.

  • New family day cares started using our product to manage their business – This makes entrepreneurs out of stay at home moms and creates new jobs.

Our Values

Never Stop Learning

We embrace change and use technology as a tool to make lives better.

Don’t Optimize For The Short Term

Even if no one will ever know, we take pride in our craftsmanship.

Be Transparent

When in doubt, default to sharing knowledge.

Make The World A Better Place

We work hard every day so that our customers can leave their computers behind and make a difference in this world.

Go Above And Beyond

Work harder than anyone else and provide the best customer service in the world.