Approach To Success

SpinSys-Diné comprises several core skillsets that make us a unique powerhouse small business.

1. Proactive Communications

We believe that projects typically fail from a lack of communication between those involved, therefore we focus on maintaining open lines of communication and ensuring transparency in everything we do. By creating a nurturing relationship with our clients, we are able to provide the right solutions and services that help save time and money.

2. Highly Skilled Teams

Our teams are top-notch and consist of individuals who are self-starters and possess an innate sense of curiosity. Our employees take pride in their work, are natural problem solvers, and great team players.

3. Customer Relationships

By establishing and nurturing long-term relationships, we are able to develop a deep understanding of our customers’ missions, systemic enterprise needs, and technological requirements.  Over the past few years, 70% of our revenue has been due to repeat business, which we attribute to our commitment to quality performance and long term partnerships. Our clients are our partners.


  • Performing work on classified networks with depth in building and deploying hardened systems into cleared environments
  • Implementing Amazon GovCloud (ITAR + FedRamp)
  • Serving as a prime contractor in two out of three departments in the Department of Defense: Air Force and Navy


  • Sustaining large, very complex, enterprise scale, legacy IT systems in the federal government, and modernizing them in parallel through implementation of customized COTS solutions
  • Applying contemporary technologies, such as Ruby, Node.js, PHP, Python and Javascript, to built robust cloud based services and solutions
  • Building solutions and products for Big Data problems, such as MDACA where we move 1.4 billion records per day for the military health services
  • Designing, architecting and implementing DIACAP systems
  • Managing datacenters and enterprise infrastructure solutions
  • Modernizing legacy enterprise projects
  • Implementing COTS products for the enterprise and customizing it through professional services in a multi-year project
  • Creating commercial cloud products