SpinSys-Diné is committed to building an inclusive work environment by attracting, developing, and retaining candidates from diverse populations.

The opportunity for our diverse workforce to showcase and develop skills and abilities is essential to us. We believe that all employees should have a safe and inclusive space where everyone is treated fairly with the highest standards for ethical conduct, professionalism, and full compliance with the law. From the CEO down, we are actively committed to promoting diversity and inclusion throughout our company and attracting talent who share its commitment to excellence.

Commitment in Action:

SpinSys-Diné is assisting Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) through technology transfer, cooperative education programs, and other collaborative initiatives. These initiatives help us in meeting our DOD goals and allow our computer engineers and data scientists to advance new technology. We selected four outstanding HBCUs to partner with in cultivating students for careers in the IT/Health Technology industry.

North Carolina A&T 
We are committed to attending North Carolina A&T career fairs and posting our open positions on Handshake, the university’s selected recruiting module. Our HR team is also committed to providing career and professional development resources with mock interviews, lunch and learn events, resume reviews, LinkedIn profile reviews, and networking events.

Florida A&M University
We are committed to a technology transfer program that will donate thousands of dollars in technology directly to university employees. We are posting our open positions and recurring using their university’s selected platform, Handshake. Lastly, we are engaging in a social media partnership with the university.

Norfolk University
We are committed to attending Norfolk University career fairs and posting our open positions on Handshake, the university’s selected recruiting module.

Hampton University
We are a sponsor of Hampton University career fairs and are committed to coordinating with their Career Services department to provide professional development opportunities and resources.

HBCUs are often untapped resources where mutual technology interest can produce valued partnerships for SpinSys-Diné and our community. Our partnership provides opportunities for increasing the number of underrepresented minorities studying, graduating, pursuing advanced degrees and careers in computer science, engineering, and supporting areas. Additionally, our partnership will strengthen the infrastructure of participating institutions.