Strategies for Cloud Transition and Optimization Prescribed for Big Data Pain

SpinSys and AWS collaborated on the successful Oct 13, 2022 Webinar and presenting Strategies for Cloud Transition and Optimization.  During the recorded, hour-long presentation, more than 125 registrants received valuable insight through case studies and key tips for cloud journeys from first steps, to continued utilization, and ongoing cost control to ease big data pain.  

  • Gerard Grundler, AWS Senior Manager for Global Healthcare Partners, opened the session by presenting Healthcare in the Cloud to include the importance of cloud healthcare systems and considerations; advances in technologies allowing a wide range of approaches (e.g., hybrid operations) in support of digital modernization; and the power of partnership with Spin Systems proven success in migrating and supporting health workloads running on AWS.
  • Spin Systems Director of Healthcare Innovation, Lou Ferrucci, provided a company overview and capabilities summary to include our AWS Partner Network (APN) participation and authorized AWS reseller, 20+ years of Health Information Technology experience, and our repeatable processes driving quality and master data management.  He then showcased rapid acceleration onto the cloud by presenting the case study on our award-winning Accelerated Migration Project (AMP), noting the critical foundation the data center rehosting provided for immediate and long-term customer success.  
  • Wes Watkins, Spin Systems Director of Strategic Health Insights, built upon cloud transitions to present planning for the digital cloud transformation, being agile, and continuous improvements.  Specifically, he detailed a Digital Innovation (DIGIN) and sandbox setup with case study for it supporting the exploration of cloud native services such as Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Elastic Container Service (ECS), SageMaker and migration needs of a major client.  He then expounded on the challenges and support for creating research/test data, including the availability of the Multiplatform Data Acquisition, Collection, and Analytics (MDACA) Synthetic Data Engine (SDE) in AWS Marketplace to support the software development lifecycle and machine learning models in healthcare and other industries. 
  • As the Health Data Sciences Lead at Spin Systems, Dr. Kym Pagel provided two case studies on how to continue leveraging and expanding environments and maximizing the value of data in the cloud.  She presented the successful data warehouse transition from EC2-hosted servers to the cloud native Amazon Redshift to include the team’s use of cloud native tools (e.g., Elastic Map Reduce, Key Management Service, OpenSearch) and MDACA to expedite data processing, support key health reporting and cost avoid $500K annually.  Dr. Pagel provided keen insight into Health Data Sciences cloud utilization with a case study involving genomic and medical surveillance data to maximize availability, optimize enterprise health, and personalize healthcare.
  • Lou Ferrucci presented management of costs in various cloud environments as well as the SpinSys Quick Start and Training/Support Programs.  He provided an overview of hybrid and cloud adjacency challenges with proven approaches; tips for for cost optimization to realize the value of a well-architected cloud migration and environment, including the importance of business operations and engineering support collaboration; and a maturity framework for cost optimization.  Emphasizing the importance of an experienced solution and migration partner, he concluded by presenting the SpinSys collaborative, he concluded by presenting the collaborative, 6-step Quick Start program and the 3-pronged offering for Training that includes instructor-led sessions, individualized mentoring, and on-line training courses.      

The panelists fielded questions from the audience with the first 20 attendees receiving a free e-gift card from Grubhub for a future lunch as part of the Data Insights Lunch and Learn. Additionally, the webinar is now available on our YouTube channel. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your cloud transition and optimization by contacting us.