When it comes to Big Data and the need for scalable database solutions, SpinSys provides expertise in performing scalability assessments, performance tuning, migrations and upgrades, consolidations, and virtualization. Our solutions will help you increase the performance of your database operations, lower your IT costs and improve your business decision-making capabilities.

SpinSys has developed and successfully deployed, at a major DoD agency, the Multi-platform Data Aggregation and Collection Analytics (MDACA), a back-end platform that supports the collection of data from multiple, decentralized locations (including disconnected/intermittently connected modes), consolidating it into a centralized view that allows for real time analytics, reports, alerts and modeling. It can be used to connect the many “islands” of information from disparate interfaces through a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), enabling the information to flow through the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and providing interoperability for multiple industry standard interfaces and protocols.

Our scalable databases solution stack consists of following functionality and components:

Data Layer

Consists of data components, web services, and an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) providing access to data hosted within system boundaries. The data components abstract the logic required to access the underlying data stores providing near real-time access. They centralize common data access functionality making the application easier to configure and maintain. The SOA based ESB and Web services enable the information to flow seamlessly between the different data stores and/or interfaces.

Data Store Layer

Consists of different data sources that provide data to a primary system such as a COTS configuration database, as well as data exposed by interfaces that import/export data to or from the primary system.

Core Layer

This layer consists of the following components, which includes but is not limited to: Business Rules Engine, Workflow Engine, Data Collection and Aggregation Engine, Security Engine, Business Intelligence Engine, Document Management, Document Assembly Engine and Notification Engine.