Spin Systems offers secure, robust, configurable web portal framework solutions.

From agency-wide Government sites to commercial applications, Spin Systems has designed, developed and maintained enterprise, scalable information management frameworks that allow organizations to:

  • Migrate legacy implementations to modern web based application and integrate with third party applications

  • Allow secure access of multiple applications through Single Sign On capability

  • Easily configure business rules and processes

  • Define a workflow with adjustable business rules

  • Consolidate and standardize disparate applications and eliminate silos

Recognizing the need to accelerate the SDLC of modernization efforts, SpinSys has developed Spin Business Framework (SBF), a secure and highly configurable portal framework that is designed specifically for configurability (instead of custom development), efficiency, flexibility, maintainability and re-use. It includes out-of-the-box features such as workflow management, document management, document assembly, business intelligence, and case analytics. SBF has been successfully utilized in a wide variety of Federal, Civilian and Commercial markets.

A Case Study In Portal Development

SpinSys replaced a legacy case management product with a modernized enterprise solution, for one of the world’s largest law offices, using a commercial off the shelf product, customized it without programming, migrated thousands of business rules and deployed it successfully in 18 months.