SpinSys-Diné provides a comprehensive range of cloud services including stabilizing and migrating legacy enterprise applications to the cloud, developing migration plans and roadmaps, refactoring applications to take advantage of cloud features and developing new cloud-based options to migrate legacy applications into the public or private cloud.

We enable our Department of Defense (DoD) clients to design hybrid solutions that meet their precise needs for security, collaboration, and virtualization.  SpinSys-Diné ensures the success of the DoD cloud strategy through the development of clear, comprehensive communication plans with leadership, solution owners, and the technical workforce within the Cloud solution, precise timelines mapped to clearly defined mission critical milestones, and a clear understanding the of DoD strategic vision for Cloud Migration and Data Center Consolidation.  The SpinSys-Diné approach to consolidation through application rationalization focuses on applications across the DoD portfolio instead of the legacy approach limiting the focus to the data center which allows DoD to realize efficiencies and benefits in cost control, resource reduction, cybersecurity inheritance, and overall organizational control.

SpinSys-Diné directly supports information dissemination for military health operations, intelligence collection and utilization, and other Defense Health Agency (DHA) activities via Managed Services Organization (MSO) brokerage of commercial Cloud Service Provider (CSP) services.  Notably, SpinSys-Diné was instrumental in provisioning and obtaining accreditation of the Medical Community of Interest (Med-COI) Cloud Access Point (CAP) with Virtual Datacenter Security Stack (VDSS) host network and boundary protections for utilization of Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud.  The Authority to Operate (ATO) for the Med-COI CAP combined with the full ATO for the Knowledge Exchange Cloud Pathfinder (KxCP) with accredited MSO security controls (Control Correlation Identifiers) enabled the first DHA Information Impact Level (IL) 4 use of the cloud.  This established the migration and accreditation pathway for other solutions to leverage the AWS GovCloud’s elastic compute and store capabilities with cybersecurity control inheritance for those accredited on-premises and others under development within the cloud, a critical milestone in the success of the DHA cloud migration strategy.  The Med-COI CAP and accredited MSO accelerates DHA’s cloud adoption and supports data center consolidation via first of its kind options for cloud and/or hybrid hosting thereby eliminating the cost associated with on-premises technical refresh and storage increase requirements.

SpinSys-Diné facilitated the implementation of an AWS GovCloud eco-system consistent with the Secure Cloud Computing Architecture (SCCA) principles and Med-COI Cybersecurity protections.  We provisioned, configured, and delivered the VDSS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with a focus on automation to reduce error prone and costly manual processes, to the Network Security Operations Center (NSOC) as DHA’s AWS GovCloud Cyber Security Service Provider (CSSP) while maintaining full control of solutions security groups under our Shared Responsibility model.  This approach affords Solution Owners command and control of their operating systems to meet mission requirements with eco-system support obtained through our established DHA Global Service Center (GSC) Tier 1 Help Desk and appropriate escalation to our MSO with SpinSys-Diné engineers and Cybersecurity experts.  Our industry leading implementation delineates role and responsibilities within the selected service model (e.g., IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS) for resource-optimized collaboration of enterprise cloud utilization, leveraging decentralized command and control of individual solutions and centralized MSO control with CSSP monitoring of the eco-system.  Mission critical solutions are securely hosted with proactive scalability and elastic capacity to efficiently meet mission surge, on demand, and fiscal responsibility without the potentially unnecessary or reactive infrastructure investments.

Building upon KxCP success, SpinSys-Diné focused efforts have advanced DHA for accreditation of the MSO as a System of Record (SOR) for enterprise-grade support with CSP-agnostic, repeatable processes, and centralized management of multi-cloud utilization (e.g., AWS, milCloud, Azure).  Our SCCA-compliant, multi-availability zone, VPC design for the KxCP multi-tier architecture established the framework for risk assessment and expansion of the Microsoft SharePoint (MSP) farm, leveraging cloud-native services and efficiencies with high availability and reliability.  This MSP consolidation is designed for functional growth within the accreditation boundary via rapid migration and deployment of other common business (e.g., LaunchPad) and clinical (CarePoint) applications within the DHA portfolio utilizing federated identity management, the Military Health System (MHS) Joint Active Directory (mJAD), and other Virtual Datacenter Managed Services (VDMS) resources for application-level and data access security.  Complementing strong authentication and automated vulnerability scans, our implementation provides the MSO Information System Security Manager (ISSM) with security alerts and notifications as well as the CSSP with VPC flow logs and CloudTrail details for continuous monitoring in near real-time of applications.  Thereby providing requisite data, eco-system with hosted services, and Med-COI with cloud and on-premises nodes. Unauthorized access and malicious threats are quickly detected, isolated, and mitigated to preserve solution and eco-system functionality for continuous mission support.

Focusing on internal and external stakeholder acceptance and understanding each stakeholder plays an important role in the success of the solution, SpinSys-Diné cloud MSO architects, engineers, and Cybersecurity professionals sustain collaborations with solution owners and others to continuously groom preparedness of the cloud ready queue seeking cloud hosting under the MSO’s charge back model designed to scale commensurate with utilization. As a major application projected to migrate, the Defense Medical Logistics Enterprise Suite (DML-ES) LogiCole solution will leverage AWS GovCloud for global reach throughout the CONUS and OCONUS, extending to the warfighter at the edge within any theater of operations.  Our team’s MSO activities enable resilient, fault-tolerant, high return on investment (ROI) hosting for DHA solutions across the enterprise for the Medically Ready Force¦Ready Medical Force DoD expects and needs of its medical component to fulfill its mission.