Reported by: Aleedra Straughter

We’re happy to announce our partnership with four illustrious Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The dynamic relationship we form with these historical institutions engaged in the vital mission of educating and serving their students is essential to us. We have chosen to partner with North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), Norfolk University and Hampton University. We will support these universities through financial sponsorship, knowledge sharing and technology transfers. For more information on our HBCU partnership, please see our SpinSys Partnership Commitment. 

Internally, at SpinSys, we pride ourselves in our diversity, inclusivity and building a workforce that reflects the world around us. We believe that our differences in perspective strengthen our ability to serve our customer. Our workforce is 11.5% Black, well above industry averages. Moreover, we are committed to fostering this excellence by attracting, developing, and retaining candidates from diverse populations. 

Black History Month is also an excellent opportunity to help create a better, more dynamic and more inclusive environment for everyone. Here are a few ideas for how you can make a difference this month:

Share book knowledge. 

Speaking of education, if you want to help create a real paradigm shift in the industry, join the collective efforts to educate children about the many opportunities for everyone.  Donating picture books (to schools, community centers, shelters, etc.) that celebrate amazing things African Americans have done in STEM careers, increases exposure and shows support for the idea that people of color belong in these spaces. You’re also helping to spread the message of diversity and respect to all audiences. Take a look at these fun options: 

Make a nonprofit donation.

There are some truly worthwhile nonprofits out there with a mission is to help diversify tech through mentoring, scholarships, grants and more. These resources provide a quick, convenient way for anyone to make an immediate impact. Here are a few for worthy of consideration:

SpinSys believes in embracing our motto in all aspects of what we do, including leading the industry in creating safe and inclusive spaces where everyone is treated fairly!