Window Rock, Arizona – December 1, 2023 – Diné Development Corporation (DDC), a Navajo
Nation owned IT, professional, and environmental services company, announces the acquisition of Spin Systems, Inc. (SpinSys), a Virginia-based data management and analytics company. This strategic move diversifies DDC’s client portfolio and expands the organization’s capabilities while solidifying its commitment to government agencies and the Navajo Nation.

A premier software company specializing in big data aggregation, virtualization, predictive modeling, and AI/ML-driven intelligence visualization, SpinSys has amassed success throughout its 25-year history in delivering cloud-based sustainment and modernization services for the U.S. government and Fortune 500 clients. Aligning with DDC’s capabilities, SpinSys’ suite of technical solutions and innovative growth model strengthen the corporation’s dedication to value-driven efficiency, agility, and scalability.

“Data virtualization and predictive modeling are key capabilities that differentiate our company and complement DDC’s robust suite of IT solutions,” SpinSys Chief Executive Officer, Wael Ali, stated. Highlighting the acquisition is SpinSys’ award-winning MDACA data fabric product suite, the Department of Defense’s cornerstone framework for data integration and analysis. “Through this holistic data solution, we are able to provide actionable insights for DOD stakeholders to ensure mission readiness,” added Shourya Ray, SpinSys Chief Operating Officer.

SpinSys’ union with the family of companies, integrated and rebranded as SpinSys-Diné, expands DDC’s nationwide footprint with two major office locations in Falls Church, VA, and Charleston, South Carolina.

“This acquisition is not only a testament to DDC’s strategic growth, but also a vision for the future,” shared Austin Tsosie, DDC Chief Executive Officer. “We celebrate this milestone in expanding our deeply rooted commitment to advancing the Navajo Nation while positioning the organization for future expansion.” Dan Riggs, DDC Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, stated, “We are proud to welcome SpinSys-Diné to the family of companies. The company’s peoplefocused culture, passion for innovation, and client dedication align with the mission-driven spirit that runs through our organization. Our combined strengths will propel us to new heights as we provide our clients with an expanded service offering to power mission success.”

About DDC
Since 2004, DDC’s family of companies has powered government missions through an unwavering dedication to our clients and communities we serve. Our innovation-driven IT practice, specializing in cloud, cyber, data management, and enterprise IT solutions, has delivered lasting value to defense and civilian agencies across the world. Central to DDC’s mission is its commitment to advance the Navajo Nation and its People to inspire change for future generations.

About SpinSys-Diné
SpinSys-Diné offers integration and interoperability by providing cloud-based sustainment and modernization services for government and private sector clients. As a leading small business specializing in data transformation, we streamline business processes through cloud deployment across enterprises. Our team harnesses the power of business intelligence to enable informed decision making.

For more information on SpinSys-Diné and its service offerings, please contact Shourya Ray, SpinSys-Diné President, at [email protected]. For press inquiries or more details on this acquisition, please contact Jocelyn Billy-Upshaw, DDC Director of Marketing, at [email protected].